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Maintenance & Repair

St. Louis Fire Sprinkler Repair

Bryan repairing a fire sprinkler in St. LouisAccurate Fire Protection Systems is your one stop shop to keep your existing fire sprinkler system operating and code compliant.  Are you remodeling your office, adding on, have your storage needs changed or does your facility have an inspection report deficiency?  Our skilled service department will work closely, personally and individually with each and every client in performing inspections, maintenance and repair of St. Louis fire sprinkler systems.

Repairing a fire sprinkler system isn’t always easy, especially if you take into account space, structural, and cost constraints.  We stay up to date on the latest technologies and participate in ongoing sprinkler fitting training to provide you with the peace of mind that you’re receiving quality services.

The National Fire Sprinkler Association

Here also are a few helpful hints from the National Fire Sprinkler Association, an organization dedicated to the protection of lives and property from fire through fire sprinkler safety:

  • Never paint any fire sprinkler
  • Never hang anything from any part of a fire sprinkler system
  • Never stack items close to fire sprinklers
  • Always report damage to any part of a sprinkler system immediately
  • Always make sure control valves are in the open position

REMEMBER!  Owning a fire sprinkler system without having it inspected is like owning a car and never changing the oil. You may be at risk of insurance or code violations with improper or non-functional fire suppression systems so give us a call for St. Louis fire sprinkler repair today!